Glorious Grace Ministries thanks those corporations and foundations that have donated their time or resources to help us in our efforts to assist us to empower caregivers.
We received our first grant of $6,700 from The Dutch Albert Schweitzer Foundation in 2009. We used the grant to start Gitutha Dairy Goat Project. Through the project we have been able to empower 20 families with Dairy Goats.
We have received 2 grants from Save Africa’s Children(2009-$5,000, 2010-$5,000). We remain accountable to the above organizations and to any other partner who may come our way to support us in this worthy course of reaching out to the needy.
We continue to request all persons of good will to come up and partner with us. Our desire by 2012 is to ensure that we relocate a minimum of 20 needy caregivers from the slums, as we continue empowering other caregivers.
Currently we have 224 caregivers in our empowerment program.