Women Economic Empowerment

Women in rural Kenya continue to be marginalized. Glorious Grace Ministries theory of change is that once women are economically empowered, they can help contribute to social change. As an organization, we gather women, mostly caregivers in accountability groups (we use the groups for psycho-social support) and encourage the women to be accountable to
each other. We empower the women with skills to start small businesses and encourage them to save from their little income.
After training them for 2 months and encouraging them to save, we finance them to start small businesses. Currently we have 15 women groups. In total we are working with 240 women
We take the journey of investment together as we encourage one another to continue saving and taking more credit to finance our now growing business. The accountability groups have been a great source of encouragement and motivation to individual members. Their stories of change have motivated others to join as they have seen what benefits come out of these programmes Secondly, the programme offers a “Dairy Goat project” in Gituth and serves as a model to many people in the semi-arid area of Ndeiya. On an average the goat project produces on average 3 liters a day. This is an affordable Income Generating project to all subsistent farmers living on an area of 1/8 acre. In addition it provides milk for domestic use and for sale.

Our Community Empowerment Projects focus on giving our members skills and financial support to start individual and group income generating projects.

This has taken us the responsibility of transitioning our members from risky, undignifying and unbefitting occupations.  The transition involves giving them skills and finances to help them earn decent living. We build their capacity from this level to ensure their occupations do not endanger their reputation, dignity, health and social life.

Women working at the quarry with their children

Our center of attention is to empower our members to undertake decent businesses that earns them sustainable and meaningful income.