We continue to gather caregivers in accountability groups. We have currently given 220 caregivers, in 15 accountability groups basic training on starting and running businesses.
Depending on individual’s capabilities we have advanced soft loans to individual members to start and run businesses. Currently we have issued loans between Ksh. 5,000 to Ksh. 90,000.

Many members save aggressively to achieve various goals in life. Our motivation is to see people living on less than a dollar per day having a paradigm shift. And believing that they can save and be movers in life. This has not only impacted our members but the directors lives also.
Our members have risen from hopelessness and self apathy to a people with hope, future, purpose and mission to live for.
As we begin 2012 our members have enjoyed divided twice, and we anticipate greater divideds by the end of the year.

Our concern is not where one starts in life but where one can get to. Our mission falls short of giving a fictitious, quick fix formula of excelling in life. Nevertheless, we continue to encourage one another through a practical journey. In many cases our journey starts from a thick, tropical, dark cold forest of confusion in life. We endure together through a hot-dry desert of hardships, trials and tribulations.

We persevere with a hope, of possessing a land of our dwelling, the land that spurts with convictions and flows with milk and honey.

Since the start of the goat project, we have been able to get over 20 goats from Nyeri to Ndeiya. This has been through Glorious Grace Ministries and other development partners.

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