Glorious Grace Ministries, is a non denominational faith-based organisation that is dedicated to improving the livelihoods of indigenous ethnically minority groups. We help communities achieve their full potential by addressing poverty and social injustices.
We focus on holistic empowerment; physical, spiritual, intellectual, and social aspects of life.

Spiritually, we empower the community through many ways some of them being prayers, ministry of the Word, fellowship, mercy ministry and counselling.

Physically, we empower the community economically, and ensuring their good health, through preventive and curative measures. We do this by ensuring that they have access to clean drinking water and proper sanitation, educating them on hygiene, and use of clean affordable energy.

Intellectually, we encourage the community to attend free education provided by the government. And at higher level, we provide affordable educational loans to ensure that no one has a reason not to attend formal education.

Socially, we encourage members through eco-socio support groups that attend to issues of members and those of their families.